online website review Reviews [June] Check If It Is A Scam! Reviews 2020 Reviews [June] Check If It Is A Scam! >> In this article, you get to read about a site that sells headbands both for males and females.

Do you like colourful headbands? Then you can look them up on Derastyle. This United States-based website is selling fashionably designed headbands that last for years. 

Women all over the world are very fashion-savvy. These headbands complement their looks. Its headbands are worn around the head to save hair from getting into eyes. Our Reviews will let you know more about this product. 

They are a perfect match with the dress worn by them. In our review, you will read about the positive and the negative points of buying headbands from this site. We will also answer the most critical question – Is Derastyle Legit or not. 

What is Derastyle? is an online shopping site that sells headbands for women. It is available at These products have a lot of utility in the summer months when your hair can fall on the forehead and cause sweating. 

The headbands are sold under different types such as Exercise Essentials, Colder Bands, Beanies, and Headbands for a Cause, Reflection, etc. It also sells bands for men as per the category Bro Bands. Its products have reasonable prices like a Bro Band only costs up to 20 dollars. 

The site is entirely new and has been registered a short while back. Its registration date is 5th April 2020. As a result, right now, the traffic is also very less on this website. 

However, your credit card information is also very secure with this website as it uses an https connection. The site processes your orders quite quickly in 1-3 days. After the order is processed, it is rapidly delivered in 5-8 days. 

So, the delivery time is reliable. Now, let’s talk about the other essential details, like the contact number of the website. It has mentioned its contact number so; you can call the website representatives any time; if there is some problem with the delivery of the order. 

It’s an easy process to get a refund from this company. The site only accepts returns within 14 days since the order is shipped. After the return is received, it takes up to 14 days in processing. Hence the customers are adequately refunded when they are looking for a return. 

However, that excludes the time it takes for the returned item to reach back to the company. Yet, the customer has to undertake all the shipping costs of sending the returned item back to the company. 

Specifications of Derastyle:

  • OfferingsHeadbands
  • Shipping time– very quick, up to 8 days after the order is processed
  • Delivery time– up to 10 days including the processing time 
  • Return– 2 weeks after the shipping of the order 
  • Exchange– Exclude Limited Edition products from exchange 
  • Refund– within 14 days the product is sent to the customer 
  • Mode of payment-Paypal

Is Derastyle Legit?

Although the site is new, there is still a lot of information shared with the prospective buyers. This includes contact information like the phone number, email id, and the address. This speaks volumes about the trustworthiness of the site. 

But it has certain loopholes such as no social media presence and no customer reviews, which makes it suspicious and indicates that it could be a scam. 

Pros of buying from Derastyle:

  • Discount codes are available
  • Prices are within anyone’s reach 
  • Exchange products  easily

Cons of buying from Derastyle:

  • Use Paypal for payment
  • There is a shipping cost of 5 dollars incurred for shipping within the US 
  • Returns and refunds take 14 days to process 

What are the customers saying about

As the site is new, there is a presence of customer reviews section on the website. But there are no reviews present online and there is no social media presence, so we could not figure out the customer experience about this website.

Final Verdict

Although the site came up recently, it has all the essential details mentioned. But since the online customer reviews are not present, so that creates doubt in our mind.

At the end of this Reviews, we can say that this website is suspicious and you have to move very carefully while shopping here. 

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